In the beginning…

Last fall, I had the great idea to rake all the leaves into a corner of the yard and let them mulchify themselves.  They did not.  They blew all over the yard and got wet and yucky.  I did not realize this because I never actually found the opportunity  to go into the backyard much at all this winter.  Between working and all the snow we had…well, you get the picture.

This will be our 3rd growing season since we’ve owned our first home.  Now, don’t hate.  We ARE in our 50’s, but this has been the first time either of us has been in the position to own a home.  One thing we really enjoy is fresh vegetables from our garden.  We’ve had some success, and a lot of failure.  I start off great:  Planning, doing research, planting, watering, then I don’t know what happens.  I know a little bit about what happens, but not everything.

Some Things to Remember for This Year’s Garden

  1. Fertilize
  2. Treat for pesky insects
  3. Don’t over-plant
  4. Weed a little every day

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