We got a lot accomplished over the weekend.  Ferdinand found more leaves I was hiding and picked them up and bagged them.  Good thing we have a super-small yard!  I raked the garden area out really well and actually picked up all the debris.  I also made a huge dent in clearing the junk between the fences.

Let me tell you about the junk between the fences.  I’ll go back to when we were house-hunting.  Don’t worry, its only 3 years.  Well five, but I won’t tell you about the 2 years during which we could not find anything.  All I really want to say is that when you are all starry-eyed (or bleary-eyed) when looking for a house, you notice the size of the rooms, is the backyard fenced, is that baseball fields abutting my property?  One thing we missed is that, how shall I put this?  WHY ARE THERE TWO FENCES IN MY BACKYARD WITH SHRUBBERY, INCLUDING WILD ROSES, IVY, ASSORTED WRAP-AROUND VINES, AND FORSYTHIA, GROWING IN BETWEEN THEM?!!  OMG!!!!

Write this down.  On my epitaph or headstone or whatever, I want it written that the last thing I ever did was tame my yard.  I mean seriously?  The fences are like less than a foot apart in some places and I have to kill everything in between because they are public nuisances.  Just so you know, wild roses are invasive, have large, sharp thorns, and produce no flowers.  Zip.  Nada.  Forsythia – invasive.  And don’t get me started on those vines!  Well, I want them all dead.

I will take some lovely photos tomorrow.  I am so excited!

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