Please Pray for My Daffodils

They were growing everywhere in my yard, except, of course, in the actual garden beds. I had a genius idea. I thought I should move them where I wanted them. Right?


I just wasn’t sure when was the best time to move them. Obviously I couldn’t move them when they were still bulbs. I did not know exactly where they were. I thought that would probably be the safest time,  but like I said,  I did not know where they were.


I thought about moving then when they were just starting to sprout up through the ground. I could  see them,  but thought I may be interrupting their growing cycle when they were too vulnerable. So I decided to wait until they flowered.


They are not happy. I watered them and they are sort of standing up today. I moved them yesterday. Hopefully they’ll be really happy tomorrow. If not,  they’ll be back next year,  won’t they?

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