The Great and Mysterious Carrot Caper

carrot top

It was over 2 years ago that I decided to plant my very first garden.  I had just purchased my first house and one of the purposes was to grow some of my own food.  I did some studying and planning.  I was going to do a container garden because that is one of the least expensive ways if you go with some plastic containers, which I did.

I got some lovely heirloom seeds of many varieties that stated on the package that they are good for a container.  I had these planters set up all over my den and watered and nurtured them for weeks.  I had some lovely looking things growing.  I even had them labeled so that I knew what I was growing.  Trust me that is a big yay for me.

Lo and behold, along comes Spring, and it is time to put the containers outside so the plants get used to that before shoving them into the ground.  I no sooner turn around (or so it seemed) and I see my lovely ladies, Liz and Amy, happily running around the yard with plastic containers in their bulldog mouths!  Empty containers.  Where are my plants?

I did find some piles of dirt and rescued what I could.  Actually I rescued everything except the carrots.  I could find neither hide nor hare (pun intended) of those carrots.  I had some different varieties including those super cool red carrots.  I looked for days trying to convince myself that I was not crazy, but I never found those carrots.  Or did I?

Take a look at that photo at the top.  I found that growing near the fenceline IN THE FRONT YARD.  I thought it was pretty and certainly didn’t belong in the grass.  I decided to dig it up.  Oh my!  It had a really big root.


But wait!  What does that root remind me of?  Hmmmm.  It’s a carrot.  It even has some orange near the stem.  What tha’?  I have no idea how it got to the front yard, but it was obviously trying to escape.  I have my front yard and back yards fenced with gates.  The dogs couldn’t have carried the plants to the front.  How did it get there?  And was it trying to escape from my BLACK THUMB?  The world will never know.


One thought on “The Great and Mysterious Carrot Caper

  1. […] I don’t know if you grow your own yellow summer squash or not, but I do.  Not so much by choice, but it does have a mind of its own.  Last year I planted it with peppers.  I did not get any peppers at all!  The squash took over and it didn’t even let the zucchini or other squashes grow either. Also, I did not realize that I wasn’t supposed to let the grow as big as they can and didn’t even like them.  Now I know they are much sweeter and tender when pick small.   Of course, now they have jumped out of their raised garden and are growing near the entrance to the garden gate.  I suppose they are trying to escape like the carrots did.  Have you read the Great and Mysterious Carrot Escapade? […]

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