Time for Curry

I really like curry and often.  My husband not so much.  We had some leftover pork chops that we grilled that he wanted no part of.  I have been concentrating on my genealogy of late and not on my cooking friends.  So, since I am shortly to be going back to a daytime position at work, I thought, duh, time to get back into cooking and my friends.  We like to play tag games where we tag each others recipes with a promise to make the dish within 2 weeks.  I tagged South African Bobotie and I knew I would like it.  I didn’t have any ground beef, but decided that it would be fantastic if I chopped up a pork chop into teeny, tiny pieces and did the recipe like that.  I am one of those people who do NOT believe a recipe has to be followed precisely or be completely authentic.  After all, the goal here is to eat well and be creative.  So I made the recipe and the only other thing I changed was that I used fine bulgur in place of the breadcrumbs.  Oh, and sunflower seeds instead of pine nuts.  I’ve been finding those an acceptable substitute since I ran out of the pine nuts and have a lot of sunflower seeds.  From my sister, but that is another story.  Sorry no photo I ate it really fast because I was hungry and it was good.

One thought on “Time for Curry

  1. I’m so glad you liked it. And I agree 100% that it’s ok to take a recipe and modify it for what you like and have in your pantry, even in our tag games. Thanks for linking to the recipe.

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