About Me and Ferdinand

Ferdinand and I are in our 50s and think growing our own food is important.  We like the health benefits of vegetables that have ripened on the vine and knowing that we have not drenched anything in any harmful chemicals.  Food also tastes better when you can go pick it from your backyard and eat it.

My name is Lucy and I work full-time for the USPS.  I am also a veteran and proudly served 7 years in the US Army.  After that, I dabbled in secretarial work, but ultimately wound up working for the government.  I’ve worked most of my career in Mail Processing, but am now a Bulk Mail Technician.  I also raised four children by myself and they are all grown and living on their own.  Ferdinand is my second husband and not their father.  I was born in Hawaii, but mostly lived in New York.  I have also lived in Miami, Myrtle Beach, and El Paso.  That’s right I have live in Hawaii, New York, Florida, South Carolina, and Texas.

Ferdinand was born in Bogota, Colombia and educated in St Petersburg, Russia.  I always say he traveled a long way around the world to find me.  We met in November 2001 and I think the only reason we were open to a relationship is because of 9-11.  We were both deeply affected, in our own way, and somehow more open to meeting someone and well, opening our hearts.  At the time, we were both long time divorced people, not dating. Lucy

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